Free Apartment Locating

Free Apartment Locating Service

Jaime has access to hundreds of desirable apartments, condos, and homes for rent, many that are not listed anywhere else.

Thank you for the opportunity to help you find your new apartment home. Remember, this is a FREE service to you!

Each apartment will ask you to fill out a guest card, which will ask “who referred you to the property.” Please write-in my name and company on the guest card. Also, when you fill out an application, you will be asked again “who referred you to the property.” Please remember to write-in my name and company on the application as well.

As a licensed real estate agent I have access to thousands of apartment listings so you won’t need to go anywhere else! I will check availability and move-in specials in order to save you time and find the best deals for you. Please let me know when you have decided on a particular apartment and are ready to fill-out an application. I can help make this process go much smoother for you and verify that you are getting the best deal.

If you have any questions or need more information, please do not hesitate to call me at (281) 796-4976 or fill out the form below. Also, if you know anyone else looking for an apartment, please give him or her my name and phone number.